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The stories you will find here are devoted to gay relationships

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My stories are about people and their struggles in society.  Some of the stories are about the young, the vulnerable and those who are alone.  However I also like to write light hearted amusing fiction and fantasy. I have had stories published in BENT and Gay Flash Fiction.com



I will be adding more of my stories to the site over time and hope you willl come back and visit. Feedback is essential for any writer and I would welcome your comments


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I've added a new short story, "Retreat", to the site as a tribute to those who have endured the horrors of war. 

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My short story, The Bar, is featured in the August issue of

Wilde Oats


"But from that first evening in some strange way my peace of mind was shattered and I was damned if I could work out why. I mean, I didnít fancy him, after all I am straight and Iíve got a few ex-girlfriends who can prove it. But I found myself watching him even when I thought I wasnít watching him, if you know what I mean. At first it was because I had to check what he was doing, make sure he got the right spirits when he reached that long arm of his up to send a shot into a glass or that he keyed the right price for the drinks into the register. But after a while it was kind of addictive to watch him move, the way he twirled and jived to his own internal music as he served the customers and chatted. It got so bad I was even dreaming about him Ė strange, shadowy dreams that I couldnít quite remember when I woke up, all hot and sweaty. It was getting to me, I can tell you. "

The story is beautifully illustrated by Alex Hogan





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